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Jul 28, 2014

The Romanian government, Greenpeace and WWF have started the nomination process for the virgin beech forests of Romania to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The designation process and all the procedures related to it will take approximately two years.

Jul 25, 2014

The benefits of using native species in large scale rehabilitation and restoration projects are highlighted in a new publication from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


Mar 16, 2013

Forest Technology Platform Wants to Increase the Use of Wood in Construction by a 300%

The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) celebrated its 8th Conference “Inspiring Horizons” in Barcelona 11-14 March 2013 jointly with the Confederación Española de Empresas de la Madera (CONFEMADERA HÁBITAT) and the Plataforma Tecnológica Forestal Española, acting as the Secretary of the Confederation.
More than 200 representatives from the forestry industries around Europe discussed issues related to forestry investigation in four groups: forestry sector in a low carbon sustainable society, responsible management of forest resources, building industrial leadership, and fulfilling consumers’ necessities.


The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) is a joint initiative of the European forest-based sector and was set up in 2005 to define a vision for the future of the forest-based sector. It is one of the 30 European technology platforms established as industry-led initiatives with EU support. Its overall aim is to promote joint European cooperation on research and innovation.


Former Swedish Prime Minister and President of ThinkForest, Göran Persson, opened the session recalling the need of competitiveness to ensure the future of the sector. Two key concepts were developed during the four-day conferences:, how to fulfil the consumers ‘needs and how to identify the elements to increase the use of wood by a 300% in the construction business by 2030.


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