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Jul 28, 2014

The Romanian government, Greenpeace and WWF have started the nomination process for the virgin beech forests of Romania to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The designation process and all the procedures related to it will take approximately two years.

Jul 25, 2014

The benefits of using native species in large scale rehabilitation and restoration projects are highlighted in a new publication from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


May 27, 2014

FOREST EUROPE side event on Green Economy and Social Aspects of SFM at COFO

FOREST EUROPE will organize a side event coinciding with the 22nd session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO) of FAO and the World Forest Week.


Entitled 'Green Economy and Social Aspects of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Europe', the event will take place on 25 June at the FAO premises in Rome.

At the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference held in Oslo in 2011, the role of forests in transitioning to a green economy was emphasized.  The need to highlight the lack of emphasis being placed on social aspects of forestry and the need to adapt to the changing needs and priorities of society were also stressed.

Furthermore, in the Oslo Ministerial Decision: European Forests 2020, ministers responsible for forests in Europe recognized the importance of the economic functions of forests and their potential in fostering a green economy, and for generating and maintaining jobs and income, contributing to rural development and enabling the long term economic viability and competitiveness of forestry and forest-based industries.

In line with these commitments, FOREST EUROPE held a workshop on Green Economy and Social Aspects of SFM on 29-30 April in Santander, Spain. More than 40 participants from different governments and stakeholder organizations of the pan-European region gathered and discussed the challenge of strengthening the social dimension of SFM, the necessity of reaching a common understanding on what a green job in the forest sector means, the need to improve the information available on social issues related to SFM to raise awareness and keep this question on the forest agenda, and how to serve decision making on the contributions of multiple forest functions to local, national and regional economies, in order to enhance the role of forests and green jobs in a green economy and their contribution to sustainable development.

This side event will be a great opportunity to share the outcomes of this workshop and to raise awareness of the need to continue working on the social dimension of SFM and to strengthen the role of forests and sustainable forest management in a green economy at both national and pan-European level.

The program of the side event will be soon available at this link:

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